Flexco takes pride in our unique patented design for test and measurement cables.

As an RF/Microwave engineer, You've seen it before: An entire production line shut down by a failed test cable that won't deliver phase stable and repeatable performance. Enter the Flexco line of cables for test and measurement.

Under flexure, nobody beats Flexco's ability to maintain phase and amplitude performance-repeatedly over time. Flexco's unique outer conductor and dielectric designs keep the center conductor where it belongs under flexure: Concentric with the outer conductor. The result is superior performance and more precise test results in your application.

Flexco offers three cable types for test and measurement, the '195,'182 and '105. Cables are available in three levels of protection to suit you specific needs: Blue Grade (FC195, etc.), Lab Grade (NTC 195) and the Super Cable (ATC 195).Any length and any connector combination is available, including ruggedized NMD's to mate with male test ports (3.5mm, 2.4mm and K/2.92mm).



  • Production & lab bench test
  • High power test
  • Vibration test
  • VNA and ANA test
  • Component test
  • Systems test
  • Temperature test
  • Thermal vacuum test

Customer Experience

  • Hughes
  • Jet Propulsion Labs
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Naval Standards Lab
  • Northrop Grumman
  • REMEC Wireless
  • Texas Instruments


  • IFTE
  • Radcom
  • Harm missile test